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Site management

General construction services and construction management Berlin
Site management Berlin

Organizational talent in construction

Our planning office offers comprehensive general construction services and construction management for construction projects of all sizes and types. We coordinate and monitor all aspects of the construction process from planning to completion.

Our experienced construction management team monitors the construction progress and coordinates the work of the various trades. We ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards and that the quality of the work performed meets the requirements.

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Our passion in construction

construction planning

„Building planning is the cornerstone of a successful building – without it, every building would just be a shot in the dark“


„Construction management is the conductor who creates harmonious buildings from chaotic construction sites“


„Construction is the final act in a construction opera that transforms the planners‘ visions into reality“

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As a general contractor, we assume responsibility for the organization, implementation and accounting of all necessary work. This includes planning, tendering, awarding contracts, construction supervision and acceptance of the construction work.


We attach great importance to open and transparent communication with our customers. We hold regular meetings to review the progress of the project and ensure all requirements are met.


Our goal is to offer our customers a smooth and successful construction process. Through our comprehensive general construction services and our professional construction management services, we can ensure that every project is successfully completed.

Planning of the construction project

Development of a detailed project plan that includes all required steps and resources for the project.

Tender and award

Obtaining offers from subcontractors and suppliers and for awarding the work to them.

Construction supervision

Monitoring the progress of the work, coordinating the work of the various trades and checking the applicable regulations and standards.

Settlement of the construction project

Responsibility for billing the work with the subcontractors and suppliers and for the acceptance of the construction work.

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