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Technical Planning Berlin

Planning office Protec Bau & Management GmbH

Technical Planning office

We do Technical Planning

By technical planning we mean „Technical Building Equipment“ and that refers to the technical facilities in buildings such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical engineering and building automation. TGA planning includes the planning and dimensioning of these facilities and systems, as well as the creation of technical documents such as plans and calculations for the construction of a building. This also includes the selection of suitable technical components and systems, the creation of tender documents and the monitoring of the execution during the construction phase.

We are therefore experts in technical building equipment, who ensure that buildings are not only safe and functional, but also energy-saving and as comfortable as possible.


Planning tasks carried out professionally and precisely with the help of our partners and our high-end software

major projects

Planning for apartment buildings, residential complexes, office buildings, hotels and company buildings

public facilities

Cooperation and planning with public bodies such as educational institutions, hospitals and authorities

MEP planning and construction

your benefits

Early MEP planning has many advantages. First of all, it can help save costs by ensuring that the necessary systems and components are procured on time and that the installation goes smoothly. In addition, early planning can also help to identify and solve problems in advance before they become bigger problems.

MEP planning also makes it possible to better understand the requirements of the building and the users and to ensure that the technical building services are tailored to these requirements.

MEP services

trades and planning

With our know-how and our strong partners, our planning office carries out tasks across all specialist disciplines of the construction trades.

  • Drinking water supply and sewage pipes
  • Domestic hot water systems with heat recovery
  • Water softening systems, reverse osmosis systems
  • Solar systems and heat pumps
  • Heating systems (oil, gas, solid) and district heating
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Cooling systems and cold room technology
  • Fire extinguishing systems and sprinkler systems
  • power systems
  • building automation


Completed construction projects


ideas per day


years of experience in construction management


Years of activity as Technical planner